Dr Steve McColman

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Steve McColman
Practice Owner, Veterinarian and Administrator

Dr. McColman graduated in 1996 from the Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine, with Degrees in Animal and Poultry Science and a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.He is of Caribbean origin but has naturalized to become an American Citizen.

After graduating in 1996 he began practicing in West Palm Beach and moved around several area in the Mid and South Florida with a corporate chain of practices.

After completing approximately 8 years with the company he ventured into ownership in January of 2006 of River Run Animal Hospital in Miramar.

Dr. McColman's early life was surrounded by farm animals, including cows, goats, pigs and small animals, dogs, and cats.

His love for animals now from childhood played an essential part in giving direction to his profession. As a result, this practice of veterinary medicine is committed to deliver the most humane and caring of our family members, while upholding the highest standard of the profession, and delivering quality medicine and care.

He is highly capable and experienced in small animal internal medicine, surgery, dentistry, and radiology, as well as nutritional and preventive care.

Dr. McColman provides a personal touch to both pet and client. As we care for any pet we acknowledge it a member of the family, giving a tender touch and professional care in their treatment.

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